外延寫作借鑒Hydride vapor phase epitaxy growth of high-quality GaN film on in situ
外延腐蝕分離Separation of laterally overgrown GaN template by using selective electrochemical etching
十二面Changing oblique angles of pyramid facets fabricated by wet etching of N
判斷極性photoelectrochemical wet etching of gallium nitrideSelective etching of GaN polar surface in potassium hydroxide solution
鎳腐蝕沒大用A Novel Technique for Growing Crack-Free GaN Thick Film by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
鎳腐蝕干腐蝕Crystal qualityimprovementof a-plane GaNusingepitaxiallateral
納米線GaN Nanowire Arrays for High-Output Nanogenerators
林Catalytic hydride vapour phase epitaxy
李GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes on
類似修老師的想法Selective Growth of Mi
拉曼重新參照寫法很好腐蝕液的影響Effect of different electrolytes on porous GaN using
拉曼好Properties of GaN and related compounds studied by means of Raman scattering
拉曼非常好High optical quality GaN nanopillar arrays
拉曼打印Nanoheteroepitaxy of GaN on a nanopore array of Si(111) surface
拉曼patterned sapphire substrate
刻蝕外延Dislocation- and crystallographic-dependent photoelectrochemical
晶須形成的條件原因Gallium nitride whiskers formed by selective photoenhanced wet
很好的 6 GaN nanorods
好腐蝕后外延Reduction of dislocation density in epitaxial GaN layers by overgrowth of
黑灰樣品Cathodoluminescence and Raman research of V-shape inverted
好方法Surface changes by GaN
好Thick and high-quality GaN growth on GaAs (1 1 1) substrates
好The impactofanintermediatetemperaturebufferonthegrowthofGaNon
好Recent advances in defect-selective etching of GaN
好Solution-Liquid-Solid-Induced Tip-Growth of Filled-GaN Nanotubes on MCM-48
好ICP納米柱再生長Regrowth of High Quality Heavily Si-Doped nGaN Utilizing
好Highly anisotropic photoenhanced wet etching of n-type GaN
好Growth of GaN nanotubes by halide vapor phase epitaxy
好GaN AlN Initial growth behaviors of GaN layers overgrown by HVPE on one-dimensional
好Free-standing GaN substrates fabricated by a combination of substrate fracturing and chemical lift-off
好Electrodeless wet etching of GaN assisted with chopped ultraviolet light
好Electrical and optical changes in the near surface of
光強的影響Evolution of surface morphology of GaN thin films during
干腐蝕 寫作借鑒EmbeddedvoidsformationbyovergrowthonGaNnanowiresfor
腐蝕液濃度的影響An electrochemical study of photoetching of heteroepitaxial
腐蝕后外延可用Thick GaN layers grown by HVPE Influence of the templates
腐蝕的新思路Characterization of GaN single crystals
腐蝕初期相似Study of Laser-Debonded GaN LEDs
非極性a面Investigation of etch characteristics of non-polar GaN by wet chemical etching
非常相關Optical and structural properties of GaN nanopillar and nanostripe arrays
非常好Morphological and structural analyses of plasma
非常好Electrical and luminescent properties and deep traps spectra in GaN
非常好Characteristics of nGaN After Cl2Ar and Inductively Coupled Plasmg
非常好Bending in HVPE GaN free standing fil
單粒子上的外延AM GaN Si劉斌
打印Photo-enhanced chemical wet etching of GaN
襯底腐蝕Observation of dislocation etch pits in a sapphire crystal grown
不同面的腐蝕機制Straight and Smooth Etching of GaN (1100) Plane by Combination of Reactive Ion Etching and KOH Wet Etching Techniques
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction study of the thermal oxide on gallium nitride
按照這個樣品做拉曼圖Directed Growth of Horizontally Aligned Gallium Nitride Nanowires for Nanoelectromechanical Resonator Arrays
X-ray diffraction of III-nitrides
Wurtzite P-Doped GaN Triangular Microtubes as Field Emitters
Wet thermal oxidation of GaAs and GaN
vapor phase epitaxy growth and cathodoluminescence characterization of thick GaN films
Zn-Doped Gallium Nitride Nanotubes with Zigzag Morphology
Wet Etching of β-Ga2O3 Substrates
V好ertically aligned GaN nanotubes – Fabrication and current
Vapor-phase growth of high-quality GaN single crystals in crucible by
Valence band offset of β-Ga2O3-wurtzite GaN heterostructure measured by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Vacancy-type defects in InxGa1–xN alloys probed using a monoenergetic
Ultrasmooth GaN Etched Surfaces Using Photoelectrochemical Wet
Transport imaging for contact-free measurements of minority carrier diffusion in GaN, GaN-AlGaN, and GaN-InGaN core-shell nanowires
Ultradense GaN nanopillar and nanopore arrays by self-assembly nanopatterning
transferable gan layers grown on zno-coated graphene layers for optoelectronic devices
Thick GaN Grown on a Nanoporous GaN Template by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Thermally oxidized GaN film for use as gate insulators 1
Thermogravimetric analysis and microstructural observations on the formation of GaN from the reaction between Ga2O3and NH3
Thermal evaporation furnace with improved configuration for growing nanostructured inorganic materials
Theoretical prediction of GaN nanostructure equilibrium and nonequilibrium
The temperature dependence of optical properties of InGaN alloys
The structure of dislocations in (In,Al,Ga)N wurtzite films grown epitaxially
The role of dislocation scattering inn-type GaN films
The State of Strain in Single GaN
The oxidation of gallium nitride epilayers in dry oxygen
The nucleation of HCl and
The LiNbO3 thin films deposited on the Al0.28Ga0.72NGaN substrate;
The influence of silicon nanoclusters on the optical properties of a-SiNx samples-A theoretical study
The impact of initial growth and substrate nitridation on thick GaN growth on sapphire by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
The growth and properties of m-plane InN epilayer on LiAlO2(100) by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
The fabrication of large-area
The fabrication of large-area, free standing GaN by a novel nanoetching process
The Controlled Growth of GaN
The Controlled Growth of GaN Nanowires
Temperature dependence of the point defect properties of GaN thin films studied by terahertz time domain spectroscopy
Systematic study GaNm面的圖很好
Synthesis of GaN nanowires through Ga2O3films' reaction with ammonia
Synthesis and morphology evolution of GaNC nanocables
Study on the formation of dodecagonal pyramid on nitrogen polar GaN
Study on post
Study of Laser-Debonded GaN LEDs
Study of etching induced damage in
Structural properties of β-Ga2O3 formed by dry thermal oxidization process on GaN
Structural evolution of GaN layers grown on (0 0 0 1) sapphire by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Structural and optical characterization of GaN epilayers grown on Si(1 1 1) substrates by hydride vapor-phase epitaxy
Structural and micromechanical analyses by polarized Raman spectroscopy
Structural and chemical characteristics of atomically smooth GaN surfaces prepared by abrasive-free polishing with Pt catalyst
Stress and its effect on optical properties of GaN epilayers grown on Si(111), 6H-SiC(0001), and c-plane sapphire
Stress-relaxed growth of n-GaN epilayers
Strain-free bulk-like GaN grown by hydride-vapor-phase-epitaxy on two-step epitaxial
Strained gallium nitride nanowires
Strain relaxation in GaN nanopillars
Strain influenced indium composition distribution in GaN-InGaN core-shell nanowires
Strain and defects in Si-doped (Al)GaN epitaxial layers
Spontaneous Formation of AlInN Core–Shell Nanorod Arrays by Ultrahigh-Vacuum Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy
Solid-state dewetting of patterned thin films
Site-controlled growth of indium nitride based nanostructures using metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy
Short range correlations of misfit
Separation of Thin GaN from Sapphire by Laser Lift-Off Technique
Separation of laterally overgrown GaN template by using selective
SEM寫作參考無電極Efficient wet etching of GaN and p-GaN assisted
Self-Separation of a Thick AlN Layer from a Sapphire Substrate via Interfacial Voids Formed by the Decomposition of Sapphire
Self-separated freestanding GaN grown on patterned substrate by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Self-organized formation and optical study of GaN micropyramids
Self-catalytic solution for single-crystal nanowire and nanotube growth
Selective-area growth of III-V nanowires and their applications
Selective lateral electrochemical etching of a GaN-based superlattice layer
Selective inductively coupled plasma etching of group-
Selective etchingofdislocationsinGaNgrownby
Selective chemical etch of gallium nitride by phosphoric acid
Selective area heteroepitaxy of nano-AlGaN ultraviolet excitation sources for biofluorescence application
Selective area growth of GaN on GaAs(0 0 1) substrates by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
Roughening Hexagonal Surface Morphology on Laser Lift-Off (LLO) N-Face GaN with Simple Photo-Enhanced Chemical Wet Etching
Roomtemperature photoenhanced wet etching of GaN
Room temperature photonic crystal band
Research Development for Morphology and Function of GaN with Different Metal Catalysts
Reduced thermal quenching in indium-rich self-organized InGaNGaN
Recovery of Dry EtchingInduced Damage in nGaN
Reconstruction of theb-Ga2O3 (10 0) cleavage surface
Recent development of gallium oxide thin film on GaN
Reassembling of Ni and Pt catalyst in the vapor–liquid–solid growth of GaN nanowires
Reaction mechanism of the nitridation of α-gallium oxide to gallium nitride under a flow of ammonia
Rapid Thermal Annealing Characteristics of Mg Doped InN by X-Ray Diffraction
Raman studies of GaN-sapphire thin film heterostructures
Raman Scattering Study of InxGa1?xN Alloys with Low Indium Compositions
Raman and photoluminescence characterization
Radiative defects in GaN nanocolumns
Quaternary Alloy Semiconductor Nanobelts with Bandgap Spanning the Entire Visible Spectrum
PVT growth of GaN bulk crystals
Probing thickness-dependent dislocation storage in freestanding Cu films using residual electrical resistivity
Preparation of Large Freestanding GaN Substrates by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy Using GaAs as a Starting Substrate
Preparation of Freestanding GaN and GaN Template by Hydride Vapor Phase
Preparation of freestanding AlN substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy using hybrid seed substrates
Practical interpretation of X-ray rocking curves from semiconductor heteroepitaxial layers
Polarity selective etching A self-assisted route for fabricating high density
PL譜寫法好,寫作一定借鑒Overgrowth ofGaNonGaNnanowiresproducedbymask-lessetching
PL譜六面體2012Chemical Etch Characteristics of N-Face and Ga-Face GaN
PL譜可借鑒Increased Light Extraction From Vertical GaN
PL譜Self-assembled GaN nano-rods grown directly on (1 1 1) Si substrates Dependence on growth conditions
PL譜Strain-free bulk-like GaN grown by hydride-vapor-phase-epitaxy on two-step epitaxial lateral overgrown GaN template
PL譜Photoenhanced wet oxidation of gallium nitride
PL譜Growth of freestanding GaN using pillar-epitaxial lateral overgrowth from GaN nanocolumns
PL譜Growth and characterization of freestanding GaN substrates
Plasma induced damage study for n GaN using inductively coupled plasma
PL譜ELOCharacterizationofGaN InGaNmultiplequantumwellsgrownonsapphire
PL鋪Investigation of optical properties of nanoporous GaNfilms
PLtemplate by Hydride Vapor
PLImprovement of microstructural and optical properties of GaN layer on sapphire by nanoscale lateral epitaxial overgrowth
Plasma induced damage to ntype GaN
PL characterization of GaN scintillator for radioluminescence-based dosimetry
Photoluminescence Study on Threading Dislocation in GaN Revealed
Photoluminescence study of GaN with dislocations introduced by plastic deformation
Photoluminescence of erbiumimplanted GaN and in situdoped GaNpdf
Photoluminescence of dislocations in plastically deformed GaN
Photoluminescence from structural defects in GaN
Photoenhanced wet etching of gallium nitride in KOH-based solutions
Photo-enhanced chemical wet etching of GaN
Photoelectrochemical etching of P-type semiconductor heterostructures
Patterning GaN Microstructures by Polarity-Selective Chemical Etching
Photoassisted dry etching of GaN
Optimized ICP etching process for fabrication of oblique GaN
Optimization of inductively coupled plasma deep etching of GaN and etching
Optical properties ofMg
Optical properties of GaN nanopillar
On thenucleation coalescence andovergrowthofHVPEGaNonmisoriented
On the origin of threading dislocations in GaN films
On the origin of basal stacking faults in nonpolar wurtzite films epitaxially
On the ammonolysis of Ga2O3 An XRD, neutron diffraction and XAS
N極拉曼和PL譜Polarity dependent properties of GaN layers grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on GaN bulk crystals
Nitrogen flux induced GaN nanostructure
Nanowire-Templated Lateral Epitaxial Growth of Low-Dislocation Density Nonpolar a-Plane GaN on r-Plane Sapphire
Nanowire Arrays Defined by
Nanostructuring GaN using microsphere lithography
Nanopores in GaN by electrochemical anodization in hydrofluoric acid_ Formation and
Nanopipes in In2O3 Nanorods Grown by a Thermal Treatment
Nanoindentation study on insight of plasticity related to dislocation density
Nanopatterning GaN with microspheres
Nanoheteroepitaxial growth of GaN on Si nanopillar arrays
Nano Processing Techniques Applied in GaN Based
Nano and micro porous GaN characterization using image processing method
Mosaic structure in epitaxial GaN filmvarying with thickness
modeling of threading dislocation reduction in growing GaN layers
MOCVD樣品腐蝕可用Etching of n-GaN – Important step in device processing
Microstructures of GaN Thin Films Grown on Graphene Layers
MOCVD Growth of GaN on Sapphire Using a Ga2O3 Interlayer
Misfit dislocation formation via pre-existing threading dislocation glide in
Microstructure of heteroepitaxial GaN revealed by x-ray diffraction
Microstructural characterisation of a prototype layer structure for a GaN-based photonic crystal cavity
Method formodulatingthewaferbowoffreestandingGaNsubstratesvia
Metal–oxide–semiconductor devices using Ga2O3 dielectrics on n-type
Metal-catalyzed semiconductor
Mechanism Underlying Damage Induced in Gallium Nitride Epilayer during Laser Lift-Off Process
Material quality improvement for homoepitaxial GaN and AlN layers grown on sapphire-based templates
Magnetic and electrical properties of ε-Fe3N on c-plane GaN
Manganese-activated gallium oxide electroluminescent phosphor
Low Damage Etching of GaN Surfaces via Bias-Assisted
Light Emission from InGaN Quantum Wells Grown on the Facets
Lift-off ofepitaxialGaNbyregrowthovernanoporousGaN
Large area GaN n-corep-shell arrays fabricated using top-down etching
Less strained and more efficient GaN
Lateral confined epitaxy of GaN layers on Si substrates
Large-scale fabrication and luminescence properties of GaN nanostructures by a soft UV-curing nanoimprint lithography
Kinetic Study of the Oxidation of Gallium Nitride in Dry Air
Ion implantation into GaN
Investigation of surface plasmon coupling with the quantum well for reducing efficiency droop in GaN-based light emitting diodes
Investigation of structural and optical anisotropy of m-plane InN films grown on gamma-LiAlO2(100) by metal organic chemical vapour deposition
Investigation of optical properties of InGaN–InN–InGaNGaN quantum-well in the green spectral regime
Interpretation of macropore shape transformation in crystalline silicon upon high temperature processing
Investigation of Ga Oxide Films Directly Grown on n-Type GaN
Intrinsic Mechanisms of Stimulated Emission in Homoepitaxial GaN
Interface Properties of Al2O3 Plasma Etching of GaN Surfaces
In-situ reflectivity observation of GaN layers grown directly on sapphire by HVPE using low-temperature nucleation layers
In-Plane Optical Anisotropy of a-Plane GaN Film on r-Plane Sapphire Grown by Metal Organic Chemical vapour Deposition
InGaN Light Emitting Diodes on (100) β-Ga2O3 Substrates by Metalorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition
Influence on the growth temperature for one-dimesional GaN nanostructures by
Influence of the deposition parameters of nucleation
Influence of oxidation and annealing temperatures on quality of Ga2O3 film grown on GaN
Influence of etching condition on surface morphology
Influence of Dry Etching Damage on the Internal Quantum
Influence of Dry Etching Damage on the Internal Quantum Efficiency of Nanorod InGaN_GaN Multiple Quantum Wells
Inductively coupled plasma etching of GaN
Inductively coupled plasma etching of GaN using
In situ scanning electron microscope electrical characterization of GaN nanowire nanodiodes using tungsten and tungsten-gallium nanoprobes
Indium-rich InGaN epitaxial layers grown pseudomorphically on a nano-sculpted InGaN template
Improvement in aligned GaN nanowire growth using submonolayer Ni catalyst films
Improvements of electronic and optical characteristics of n-GaN-based
Improved emission efficiency of a-plane GaN light emitting diodes with silica
Impact of anisotropic strains on low-frequency dielectric properties and room-temperature polar phases of SrTiO3 epitaxial thin films
Improved crystal quality and performance of GaN-based light-emitting diodes by decreasing the slanted angle of patterned sapphire
ICP-induced defects in GaN characterized by capacitance analysis
Hydrogen adsorption onb-Ga2O3(1 0 0) surface
Hydrogen on polycrystallineβ-Ga2O3 Surface chemisorption, defect formation,
HVPE腐蝕坑相似Orthodox etching of HVPE-grown GaN
HVPE Growth of GaN on a GaN Templated (111) Si Substrate
HVPE growth of a thick GaN layer on a GaN templated (111) Si substrate
high-quality and uniform graphene films on copper foils
High-performance GaN metal–insulator–semiconductor ultraviolet photodetectors using gallium oxide as gate layer
Highly Strained Metastable Heterojunction between Wurtzite GaN(0001) and Cubic CrN(111)
Highly aligned, template-free growth and characterization of vertical GaN nanowires on sapphire by metal–organic chemical vapour deposition
High-efficiency vertical GaN slab light-emitting diodes using self-coherent directional emitters
High quality nitride based microdisks obtained via selective wet etching of AlInN sacrificial layers
Hardness control for improvement of dislocation reduction in HVPE-grown freestanding GaN substrates
Growth temperature influence on the GaN nanowires grown by MOVPE technique
Growth of thick GaN layers on c-plane sapphire substrates using stress absorbing layer (SAL)
Growth of thick (110) GaN using a metal interlayer
Growth of GaN nanowires through nitridation Ga2O3films
Growth of Gallium Oxide Nanowires by Pulsed Laser
Growth of GaN Epilayers on Defect-Selective Etched
Growth and properties of ZnO thin film onb-Ga2O3(1 0 0) substrate by
Growth and optical characterisation of multilayers of InGaN quantum dots
Hydride vapor phase epitaxial growth of a high quality GaM film
High-resolution X-ray diffraction analysis on HVPE-grown thick GaN layers
High-Efficiency InGaNGaN Nanorod Arrays by Temperature Dependent
Growth of III-Nitrides with Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Growth of high-quality GaN on FACELO substrate by raised-pressure HVPE
Growth of group III nitride nanostructures on nano-imprinted sapphire substrates
Growth of AlGaN nanowires by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Growth and strain characterization of high quality GaN crystal by HVPE
Growth and properties of wide spectral white light emitting diodes
Growth and characterization of freestanding GaN substrates
Growth and applications of HVPE-GaN nanorods
graphene segregated on ni surfaces and transferred to insulators
Gate voltage and structure parameter modulated spin splitting in AlGaNGaN quantum wells
GaN-based p-type metal-oxide–semiconductor devices with a gate oxide layer grown by a bias-assisted photoelectrochemical oxidation method
GaN Nanowires with Au+Ga Solid Solution Grown on an Si(111) Substrate by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
GaN substrates by HVPE
GaN nanocolumns formed by inductively coupled
GaN nanowire surface state observed using deep level optical spectroscopy
GaN nanorod light emitting diode arrays with a
GaN nano-pendeo-epitaxy on Si(111) substrates
GaN etch rate and surface roughness evolution in Cl2 Ar based inductively coupled
GaN etch enhancement in inductively coupled BCl3 plasma with the addition of N2 and SF6
GaN Epilayer Grown on Ga2O3 Sacrificial Layer for Chemical Lift-Off Application
GaN based nanorods for solid state lighting
Gallium oxide (Ga2O3) metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors on single-crystal β-Ga2O3 (010) substrates
Gallium Nitride Nanorods Fabricated by Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching
Gallium nitride and related materialschallenges in
Freestanding GaN-substrates and devices
Fully unstrained GaN on sacrificial AlN layers by nano-heteroepitaxy
Free-Standing GaN Layer by Combination of Electrochemical
Formation, etching and electrical characterization of a thermally grown gallium oxide on the Ga-face of a bulk GaN substrate
Formation of ZnO hexagonal micro-pyramids
Formation of Super Arrays of Periodic
Formation of large-area GaN nanostructures
Formation of large-area GaN nanostructures with controlled geometry
Flame Detection by a β-Ga2O3-Based Sensor
Formation of Hexagonal Pyramids and Pits on V-VI-Polar
Fabrication of nanorod InGaN
Fe-doped semi-insulating GaN substrates prepared by hydride
Fabrication of GaN nanorods by focused ion beam
Fabrication of hexagonal GaN on the surface ofh-Ga2O3single crystal by
Fabricated InGaN Membranes through a Wet Lateral Etching Process
Fabrication of GaN based nanorod light emitting diodes using
Fabrication and optical investigation of a high-density GaN nanowire array
Evolution of Surface Morphology by Wet-Etching of ZnO and GaN with Different
Etching, Raman and PL study of thick HVPE-grown GaN
Etch Pits and Threading Dislocations in GaN Films Grown by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour
Epitaxial growth of Mn-dopedc-Ga2O3on spinel substrate
Epitaxially grown GaN nanowire networks
Epitaxial growth of aligned GaN nanowires and nanobridges
Epitaxial Catalyst-Free Growth of InN Nanorods on c-Plane
Epitaxial growth and chemical lift-off of GaInN-GaN heterostructures on c- and r-sapphire substrates employing ZnO sacrificial templates
Enhanced Light Output of InGaN-Based Light Emitting Diodes with Roughed p-Type GaN Surface by Using Ni Nanoporous Template
Enhanced Light Output of GaN-Based
ELO MOVCDCoalescence overgrowth of GaN nano-columns with metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Enhanced growth rates and reduced parasitic deposition by the substitution of Cl2 for HCl in GaN HVPE
ELOCharacterizationofGaN InGaNmultiplequantumwellsgrownonsapphire
Effects of VIII ratio on the growth of a-plane GaN films
Effects of the GaN and AlN nucleation layers on the crack-free AlGaN templates
Effects of AlN nucleation layers on the growth of AlN films using high temperature hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Effect of the VIII ratio during buffer layer growth on the yellow
Effect of Ridge Growth on Wafer Bowing and Light Extraction Efficiency of Vertical GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes
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